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2009-01-22 07:10:19

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 Help on navigation

When we designed this site, we tried to render the navigation as simple and comfortable as possible.

 General layout

What is presented here is organized into a frame set composed by three frames:

How this site is organized

  • top: this frame contains a logo banner and two navigation button rows with the most important and useful functions;
  • left: here you find the "Quick find" area, the navigation tree and some other less important information;
  • right: this frame contains the content of the page you selected.
 Navigating the site

During the navigation, only the right frame changes, leaving the most useful functions always available.

Navigation is therefore easy: you select the desired operation from the "tree menu" in the left frame, expanding (i.e. clicking on the "plus" icon) a node to expose otherwise hidden functions, if needed. You can also "collapse" (i.e. clicking on the "minus" icon) a node to shorten the list and thus limit the scrolling, as shown in the following picture.

 Operations on the main menu

Operations on the main menu

 Most used functions

As noted earlier, two buttons rows in the top frame perform a subset of the available functions; this subset contains the most important and useful operations.