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 The help system

The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive is equipped with a help system, explaining all the operation you can perform depending on where you are. If you fall into troubles, please read the pages under this section (by expanding the Instructions node if necessary).
In this page you find an overview of the common operations.

 The main menu

You can perform 3 actions with the main menu: select a node, by clicking on the corresponding text, expand a branch, by clicking on the little "+" box before the node's icon. and collapse a branch by clicking on the corresponding "-" box.

Operations on the main menu

 Consult the archive

Open the Acronyms group (clicking on the "+" symbol) to see the acronyms' categories. Clicking on a particular category, the corresponding acronyms are displayed. See more in the "Acronyms list" help page.

 Submit an acronym

Click on Define a new acronym. You will be presented a form; insert the data requested and click on the Define acronym button. The acronym will be checked for correctness and then displayed. See more in the "Defining a new acronym" help page.

 Search for acronyms

You can search for particular acronyms clicking on Search for acronyms, filling the form you will be presented and clicking on the Search for acronyms button. See more in the "Searching for acronyms" help page.