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2007-10-13 06:21:29

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 Submit an acronym

To insert an acronym that doesn't exist in the database is simple. Just fill in the form and click on the Submit an acronym button.

 Form elements

The submit form, reproduced in the following picture, has the following fields:

The submit form

  • field Acronym (max 255 characters): insert the acronym you are defining (for example, PC). This field is mandatory;
  • field Definition (max 255 characters): insert the acronym's definition (in our example, Personal Computer). This field is mandatory;
  • field Description (max 255 characters): You can insert a brief description. This field is optional;
  • field Manufacturer: if the acronym applies to a particular manufacturer, select one from this list;
  • field Context: if the acronym applies to a particular context, select one from this list;
  • button Submit the acronym: when you click on this button, the acronym is added to the list;
 Please be aware that...

Mandatory fields must contain text. This constraint is checked before inserting the acronym into the database; if it isn't satisfied, an error message is displayed and the operation is aborted. Also, don't insert text too long (longer than 255 characters) or it will be truncated.

Please note that the acronym will be checked for correctness and existence before being displayed.

Finally, HTML tags are filtered out.


In the Definition field use uppercase characters appropriately to match the acronym's letters, even if the acronym has lowercase characters. If a particular manufacturer or context isn't defined, put it in the Description field using some sort of separator (for example, parentheses).