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 Table of contents
Q1:  What are acronyms?
Q2:  What I (hopefully) will find in this database?
Q3:  What I won't find in this database?
Q4:  How often is the database updated?
Q5:  Where do these definitions come from?
Q6:  I haven't found what I'm looking for. And now?
Q7:  How can I contribute to this database?
Q8:  I submitted a definition but it doesn't show up. Why?
Q9:  What is (and isn't) reported in the "News" section?
Q10:  Are the acronyms available in another electronic format beside HTML and PDF?
Q11:  How often are the PDF documents updated?
Q12:  What do "duplex" and "simplex" mean?
Q13:  How can I print a PDF document in duplex format with a simplex printer?
 Frequently asked questions
Q1:  What are acronyms?
A:  Acronyms are terms used to abbreviate a name composed by two or more words (in this application you can find acronyms composed by only one letter but they mostly are measurement untis or orders of magnitude's prefixes). The names often refer to concepts, protocols, technologies, products, manufacturers and organizations. Acronyms are usually composed by the word's initials although you can find acronyms formed by more than one letter per word.
Q2:  What I (hopefully) will find in this database?
A:  You will find the meaning of many thousands computer-related acronyms. Beside the meaning you can also find a description and/or references to a manufacurer and a context.
Q3:  What I won't find in this database?
A:  Anything that is not a computer-related acronym. So don't search for terms such as "router" or "object-oriented programming" since this application isn't (yet) a computer-oriented glossary. Also, don't search for acronyms that have nothing to do with computers. Glossaries and more general acronyms dictionaries are listed in the Links to other sites page.
Q4:  How often is the database updated?
A:  This is a "live" application. Every time an acronym is inserted into the database, it becomes immediately visible (well, actually besides user-submitted acronyms, which are checked before gaining visibility). This means that the database is updated every time we found a new acronym, and this can happen as often as many times a day or as seldom as once a week.
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