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2007-10-12 02:12:02

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Here you can find all the news concerning the Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive, from the most to the least recent.

 The news
1999-05-26: Links to other sites
If you don't find what you are searching for, maybe these sites will help you. See Links to other sites.
1999-02-15: Letter-size PDF files added
Due to many requests, we added PDF files suitable for printing with letter-size paper.
1998-06-02: PDF duplex version added
Since the archive has grown rather large (more than 100 pages), there is now a PDF version suitable for duplex printers.
1998-02-14: PDF version added
You can now download the full content of the archive, in PDF (Portable Document Format). See the Downloads page.
1997-11-20: Application launch
The development phase is now over so we can publish the computer acronyms archive. Comments and suggestions are welcome as usual as are new acronyms.
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