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2007-10-12 02:11:18

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Here you can find all the news concerning the Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive, from the most to the least recent.

 The news
2001-03-03: New look
The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive has got a new skin we hope you'll find pleasant. Also, the most used functions are now accessible through buttons conveniently placed on the home page. Finally, since we saw almost no use on the other menu panels (both client-side JavaScript and Java) they have been removed.
2000-07-21: New server
During these days, the acronyms database has been moved onto a more powerful server. This led to some service availability hiccups and application malfunctions. If you still experience problems, please let us know through our message submission form.
1999-11-04: New Questions and answers page
This new FAQ page includes the questions asked most frequently as well as their answers.
1999-11-03: New default navigation menu
Having seen from our log files and heard from your messages that the Java 1.0 TreeView menu is hardly supported by and difficult to use with modern browser, we decided to switch the default menu type to the server-side one.
1999-10-12: New page describing the application
Ever wondered what's behind The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive? Take a look at the application's description to find out.
1999-10-10: Application and database last update dates added
At the bottom of the home page, you can now see when the application was last updated and when the last acronym was added to the database. Also, the download page has been reorganized a little.
1999-07-14: New acronym categories and paging system
Since the old method that grouped the acronyms according to their first letter yielded too many acronyms for many categories, we decided to split those categories in subcategories and to add a paging system that limits the number of acronyms returned per page yet allowing the user to browse through pages.
1999-06-25: New menu panels
If you experience troubles with the menu panel you're currently using, these other menu systems may be helpful (discontinued as of version 2.0).
1999-06-08: New PDF files layout
The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive has grown a little bit lately, and the layout of the old files was somewhat space-consuming. Enjoy the new two-columns PDF files, more compressed yet retaining their readability.
1999-06-01: Own domain
The Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive got its own domain, acronyms.ch, unbinding this application from the previous web site.
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