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2017-01-30 09:46:47

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Here you can find all the news concerning the Ultimate Computer Acronyms Archive, from the most to the least recent.

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2014-07-01: Back to a physical server
The virtual server era is over and it's now time to return to a physical one, since the experience with the virtual server provider has not been satisfactory because of low disk space, low memory, low general service quality and high price.
2009-04-01: TUCAA's going virtual
We recently have to move TUCAA. We studied several alternatives and decided to open a virtual server. Its parameters are not optimal and therefore we plan to move this application back to a physical server as soon as possible.
2005-05-01: ATED integrates TUCAA in their web site
The "Associazione Ticinese Elaborazione Dati" (ATED - http://www.ated.ch - in italian) integrated TUCAA's acronym search function, exposed through a web service API; you can find it in their web site's upper-right corner, via the text field labeled "CERCA acronimi".
2004-05-05: Application Programming Interface (API)
You can now query TUCAA programmatically via a search web service. This means that you can integrate data coming from this application into yours. See the application programming interface page for more information and a sample client.
2003-10-14: PC Magazine includes TUCAA in its "Special report: Top 101 Web Sites"
In its online review "Top 101 most incredibly useful sites" (October 14, 2003), PC Magazine includes TUCAA in the "Computing - Everyone" category. Read the online article by Jennifer Harsany.
2003-10-01: New server
Due to the steadily increasing traffic, the last weekend we moved the application onto a new, more powerful server. This should speed up (and render more enjoyable) your naviagtion.
2003-08-01: A brand new site
TUCAA is now a completely new site. Not only has the user-interface changed, but also the underlying application has been completely rewritten. From the end user point-of-view, this site features now a lighter graphics (which should speed up navigation) and strict standards compliance.
2003-07-21: This site nominated "Kool site"
In her weekly newsletter, Kim Komando includes this site as the "Kool site of the day". This is also reported in the related web site, "The Kim Komando Show". Read the related online article.
2003-05-29: Tucaa appears on BBC World
This site was suggested on the television show "Click Online" on BBC World in the "Webscape" section. See the related online article or just take a look at this transmission's recording (in Realmedia or Windows media format, at about 17 minutes from the beginning).
Many thanks to the anonymous messenger who told us about this.
2003-03-03: PC Magazine includes TUCAA in the Top 100 "hidden gems" Web Sites
In the cover page article "Top 200 Web Sites" of its March 25, 2003 issue (Volume 22, Number 5), PC Magazine includes TUCAA in the "Top 100 hidden gems" category. Read the online article written by Neil J. Rubenking.
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