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2011-09-23 21:45:14

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This section contains 18 acronyms.
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1.  Y2K: Year 2000
2.  YACC: Yet Another Compiler Compiler
Unix program [Operating systems]
3.  YAGNI: You Ain't Gonna Need It
Part of the agile programmers mantra of writing only code that nees to be writing and not any that only might be needed [Net lingo]
4.  YAHOO: Yet Another Hierarchically Officious Oracle
5.  YAHU: Yet Another Header Utility
Utilities for peeking into executables headers [Software]
6.  YAI: Yet Another Isp
7.  YAM: Yet Another Modem
8.  YAST: Yet Another Setup Tool
9.  YATE: Yet Another Terminal Emulator
10.  YB: YottaByte
1024 zetabytes
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