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2007-10-14 10:27:43

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1.  VPBX: Virtual Private Branch eXchange
2.  VPD: Virtual Printer Device
3.  VPD: Vital Product Data
Information about a device that is stored on the device itself. Typical VPD information includes a product model number, a unique serial number, product release level, maintenance level, and other information specific to the device type
4.  VPDN: Virtual Private Data Network
5.  VPDS: Virtual Private Data Service
6.  VPE: Video Port Extension
7.  VPE: Visual Programming Environment
8.  VPI: Virtual Path Indentifier
A value in the cell header that identifies the virtual path (VP) to which the cell belongs. The field is 8 bits in cells traversing an UNI circuit and 12 bits in cells traversing network circuits [Communication]
9.  VPIM: Voice Profile for Internet Messaging
Defines how voice messages can be encoded as SMTP/MIME messages for transport over Internet messaging networks [Communication]
10.  VPL: Virtual Programming Language
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