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1.  SSL: Secure Sockets Layer
A protocol for secure network communications using a combination of public and secret key technology [Security]
2.  SSL: Synthesizer Specification Language
3.  SSM: Source Specific Multicast
Extension of IP multicast where datagram traffic is forwarded to receivers from only those multicast sources to which the receivers have explicitly joined [Network]
4.  SSML: Speech Synthesis Markup Language
Markup specification for voice browsers designed to provide a rich, XML-based markup language for assisting the generation of synthetic speech in Web and other applications. See also http://www.w3.org/TR/speech-synthesis/
5.  SSO: Single Sign-On
6.  SSP: Security Support Provider
A dynamic-link library that implements the SSPI by making one or more security packages available to applications. Each security package provides mappings between an application's SSPI function calls and an actual security model's functions [Security]
7.  SSP: Service Switching Point
8.  SSP: Silicon Switch Processor
9.  SSP: Storage Service Provider
10.  SSP: Switch to Switch Protocol
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