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2007-10-25 03:57:30

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This section contains 99 acronyms.
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1.  AT: Advanced Technology
an IBM personal computer. Also a motherboard's form factor [IBM]
2.  AT: ATtention
Modem command prefix. Defined by the modem command set developed by the Hayes company for use on its modems and now used on most modems [Communication]
3.  AT: Azores Time
Timezone: GMT -2:00
4.  AT&T: American Telephone And Telegraph
5.  ATA: Advanced Technology Attachment
Peripheral bus architecture [Hardware]
6.  ATAG: Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines
W3C recommendation that explains how to develop authoring tools that make it easier to produce accessible Web pages that conform to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
7.  ATAPI: Advanced Technology Attachment Packet Interface
8.  ATC: Address Translation Controller
9.  ATC: Advanced Transfer Cache
10.  ATDM: Asynchronous Time Division Multiplexer
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