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2019-11-13 01:46:45

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1.  SMAPI: Speech Manager Application Programming Interface
2.  SMART: Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology
Drives equipped with this feature report predicted failures based on threshold values determined by the manufacturer. This allows the network manager to replace a drive before it fails. [Hardware]
3.  SMASE: System Management Application Service Element
4.  SMASH: Simple, Many And Self-Healing
Supercomputing architecture [IBM - Hardware]
5.  SMASH: Systems Management Architecture for Server Hardware
Suite of specifications that deliver architectural semantics, industry standard protocols and profiles to unify the management of the data center
6.  SMAU: Smart Multistation Access Unit
7.  SMB: Server Message Block
A common format for sharing files, directories and devices in Microsoft's operating systems [Operating systems]
8.  SMB: Small-Medium Business
9.  SMBIOS: System Management Basic Input/Output System
Specification that addresses how motherboard and system vendors present management information about their products in a standard format by extending the BIOS interface on x86 architecture systems
10.  SMBus: System Management BUS
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