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2018-03-17 13:31:55

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41.  QMF: Query Management Facility
42.  QMT: Quicken Memorized lisT
File name extension [Intuit]
43.  QMU: Quarterly Maintenance Update
44.  QNX: Quicken iNdeXes
File name extension [Intuit]
45.  QoS: Quality Of Service
QoS can be characterized by several basic performance criteria, including availability, response time and throughput, lost calls or transmissions due to network congestion, connection set-up time, and speed of fault detection and correction [Network]
46.  QoSR: Qualiy Of Service Raouting
A dynamic routing protocol that has expanded its path-selection criteria to include QoS parameters such as available bandwidth, link and end-to-end path utilization, node resources consumption, delay and latency, and induced jitter [Network]
47.  QP: QuickPropagation
48.  QPA: Quality Of Service Routing
[Intel - Hardware]
49.  QPG: Quantum Phase Gate
50.  QPL: Qualified Product List
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