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2019-12-13 01:08:09

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51.  JDF: Job Description Format
52.  JDI: Java Debug Interface
[Sun - Software]
53.  JDIC: Java Desktop Integration Components
Project that aims to make Java technology-based applications first-class citizens of current desktop platforms without sacrificing platform independence. Its mission is to enable seamless desktop/Java integration [Software]
54.  JDJ: Java Developer's Journal
55.  JDK: Java Development Kit
[Sun - Software]
56.  JDMK: Java Dynamic Management Kit
Is the foundation for building and distributing network management intelligence into applications, networks and devices. It is the first compatible implementation of the JMX specification [Sun]
57.  JDNC: Java Desktop Network Components
Aims to provide the shortcuts required to construct desktop applications in significantly less time by reducing the learning, design, and coding requirements [Software]
58.  JDO: Java Data Objects
Is an application programming interface (API) for transparent database access. The programmer can write code in the Java programming language that transparently accesses the underlying data store, without using database-specific code [Sun - Databases]
59.  JDOM: Java Document Object Model
Java-oriented API for reading and writing XML documents
60.  JDOQL: Java Data Objects Query Language
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