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2019-11-14 23:40:09

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31.  JBOD: Just a Bunch Of Disks
A storage subsystems using multiple independent disk drives, as opposed to one form of RAID or another [Hardware]
32.  JBPC: Java-Based Pipeline Configurator
33.  JC: Jump if Carry set
34.  JCA: Java Card Assembly
[Sun - Software]
35.  JCA: Java Connector Architecture
36.  JCA: Java Cryptography Architecture
[Sun - Software]
37.  JCAT: Java Coordination And Transactions
Includes (but is not limited to) the facilities required for applications to be invoked and return results before, during or after calls; to process call parameters or subscriber-supplied information; and to engage in further call processing and control [Sun]
38.  JCC: Java Call Control
Includes the facilities required for observing, initiating, answering, processing and manipulating calls, where a call is understood to include (but is not necessarily limited to) a multimedia, multiparty session over the underlying integrated network [Sun]
39.  JCE: Java Cryptography Extension
Is a set of packages that provide a framework and implementations for encryption, key generation and key agreement, and Message Authentication Code (MAC) algorithms [Sun - Security]
40.  JCK: Java Compatibility Kit
[Sun - Software]
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