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2019-11-14 23:42:53

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21.  JAX-RPC: Java Api for Xml-based Remote Procedure Call
Defines a mechanism for exchanging synchronous XML-based messages between applications [Sun]
22.  JAX-WS: Java Api for Xml Web Services
23.  JAXB: Java Architecture for Xml Binding
Architecture that provides an API and tools that automate the mapping between XML documents and Java objects [Sun - Software]
24.  JAXM: Java Api for Xml Messaging
Enables applications to send and receive document oriented XML messages using a pure Java API [Sun - Software]
25.  JAXP: Java Api for Xml Processing
Enables applications to parse and transform XML documents using a pure Java API that is independent of a particular XML processor implementation [Sun - Software]
26.  JAXR: Java Api for Xml Registries
Provides a mechanism for publishing available services in an external registry, and for consulting the registry to find those services [Sun - Software]
27.  JBCL: Java Beans Component Library
28.  JBE: Jump if Below or Equal
29.  JBI: Java Business Integration
[Sun - Software]
30.  JBIG: Joint Bi-level Image experts Group
This was (and is) a group of experts nominated by national standards bodies and major companies to work to produce standards for bi-level image coding. See also http://www.jbig.org/ [Organizations]
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