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161.  JSON: JavaScript Object Notation
Scripting language based on a subset of the JavaScript Programming Language. The format is specified in RFC 4627. The official MIME Media Type for JSON is application/json [Software]
162.  JSP: JavaServer Pages
163.  JSPA: Java Specification Participation Agreement
164.  JSPC: JavaServer Pages Compiler
165.  JSR: Java Specification Request
Is the actual description of a proposed and final specification for the Java platform [Sun]
166.  JSS: Java Security Service
Java interface to Network Security Service (NSS). It supports most of the security standards and encryption technologies supported by NSS. JSS also provides a pure Java interface for ASN.1 types and BER/DER encoding
167.  JSS: Javascript Style Sheet
168.  JSSE: Java Secure Socket Extension
Is a set of Java packages that enable secure Internet communications. It implements a Java version of SSL and TLS protocols and includes functionality for data encryption, server authentication, message integrity, and optional client authentication [Sun - Software]
169.  JST: J2ee Standard Tools
Extension to the Eclipse platform with support for building multi-tier J2EE applications [Software]
170.  JST: Japan Standard Time
Timezone: GMT +9:00
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